Preventing Marijuana, Tobacco and Alcohol Harm by Promoting Wellness Lifestyles in Youth and Young Adults



Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) provides the only evidence-based programs that connect substance abuse prevention with fitness, health and positive image promotion for youth using a screening and brief intervention approach.  

SPORT PPW for youth, and InShape PPW for college-aged young adults, are effective screening and brief interventions for preventing alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use, and promoting healthy behaviors, with these published outcomes:

  • Preventing & reducing alcohol use & problems
  • Preventing & reducing marijuana use
  • Preventing & reducing tobacco use
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Increasing health-related quality of life
  • Increasing healthy eating
  • Increasing sleep
  • Targeting controlling stress
  • Improving body image
  • Increasing goal setting


A recent review of screening and brief interventions found them effective for up to a year after receipt with adolescents and young adults

This review found goal setting, a key component of all PPW programs, increased effect sizes of screening and brief interventions.

SPORT PPW, InShape PPW, and all Prevention Plus Wellness programs were designed to address National Health Education Standards to promote personal, family and community health.

Thousands of prevention and health professionals, organizations, and parents throughout the US and abroad use PPW programs in their schools, homes, youth organizations, summer camps, sports and recreation leagues, hospitals and clinics, juvenile justice settings, substance abuse and mental health agencies, recovery and treatment centers, and faith-based organizations.  Now training videos included!    


“The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program provides a whole body experience, where youth focus on improvements in their lives instead of drugs. Additionally, based on my observations a light bulb goes on when they connect the future self with the lifestyle they want to obtain of being healthy and happy.” 

Barry Schmidt, Neighborhood Resource Center, Bay City, MI

clearinghouse“We have been very pleased with the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program…and we are excited for next year! I feel it is very important to reach this demographic of young adults and there are very few quality programs out there that address this age group.  

That is why we are so pleased with InShape Prevention Plus Wellness, along with the fact that your customer service and relationship with the providers are excellent. I never hear from any of the other vendors that we purchase curriculums from, but I regularly communicate with you and it makes everything much smoother. Thank you for that added personal service.” 

Kristinia Love, Morgan County Substance Abuse Council (MCSAC), Martinsville, IN 


PPW programs can save you time and money, while having fun preventing marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco use AND promoting wellness for your youth and young adults.  Order today from our prevention and recovery programs, marijuana awareness resources, training workshops, parenting tools, and substance abuse and wellness books above!


NEW from Prevention Plus Wellness 

School and community awareness campaigns are an important and efficient way to deliver substance abuse, prevention and health messages to youth, parents and entire localities.

The new ready to implement Marijuana Awareness School & Community Media Campaign from Prevention Plus Wellness was designed to correct myths, misconceptions and norms about marijuana use, increase awareness of marijuana harm and media influences, provide positive youth and parent role models, enhance positive self-identity, increase youth self-regulation skills to set healthy behavior goals, develop protective wellness lifestyles, and provide evidence-based marijuana prevention programming.

We also provide the Complete Marijuana Training for Teachers.  This recorded online marijuana awareness training was specifically designed for school personnel, including teachers, counselors, administrators, and school board members.  It is an easy way to get informed about the many changes regarding marijuana products and potency, laws, risks to youth, and prevention strategies.  It comes with an optional test to assess your marijuana knowledge, a certificate of completion documenting course credit, and a PowerPoint slide program, or just order the slides in PDF documents.   

Test your cannabis knowledge, and that of your students and community members, by taking the Marijuana Awareness Training Quiz or the Marijuana Awareness Training: Youth Cannabis Use & Risks Quiz.  Both come with PowerPoint slide programs to present marijuana awareness knowledge to your youth and adult groups.


“Thank you so much!  I have been checking out your website almost daily.  Very helpful to a new prevention specialist!  Thank you again.”

Monica Drake, San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, San Antonio, TX 

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