Prevention Plus Wellness for Youth, Parents and the Environment

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) provides evidence-based and evidence-informed programs that prevent substance use while promoting healthy lifestyles at three communication levels.  These include: 1) the individual youth or participant level, 2) the parent or family level, and 3) the environmental level. 

This unique flexibility allows PPW programs to obtain broad prevention coverage across an entire population, organization, or community.  How to provide Prevention Plus Wellness programs at each of these levels is described below.    

Individual Level

Prevention Plus Wellness programs are designed to be implemented individually either one-on-one or to a group of participants.  Participants can include children, adolescents, young adults, and even adults.   

Below is a list of Prevention Plus Wellness programs that were developed to be implemented at the individual level, by age of participant. 


  • SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness for Children (ages 8-10) 

Young Adolescents

  • SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness for Young Adolescents (ages 10-14)
  • SPORT 2 for Young Adolescents (6 additional SPORT lessons)
  • SPORT Recovery (for youth in substance abuse treatment or recovery)
  • In God’s Image (for youth in faith-based settings) 

Older Adolescents

  • SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness for Older Adolescents (ages 14-18)
  • SPORT 2 for Older Adolescents (6 additional SPORT lessons)
  • SPORT Recovery (for youth in substance abuse treatment or recovery)
  • In God’s Image (for youth in faith-based settings) 

Young Adults

  • InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (ages 18-26) 


  • Adult Recovery (for adults in substance abuse treatment or recovery) 


Training: PPW programs may be implemented by a trained professional, lay person, or youth.  Training options include both live online and onsite certified implementer workshops for professionals and lay staff: http://preventionpluswellness.com/training/ 

as well as for youth leaders: http://preventionpluswellness.com/ppw-youth-leadership-training/. In addition, Prevention Plus Wellness offers training of trainers workshops for both adults and youth interested in teaching others how to implement PPW programs within their organization or region. 

Parent Level

Certain Prevention Plus Wellness programs were also developed to be implemented at the parent or family level.  In particular, parental tools for preventing marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use while promoting healthy behavior development among youth at home include: 

Parent Prevention Plus Wellness Flyers

  • Three youth options (children, young adolescents, older adolescents) in both English and Spanish versions 

Parent-Youth Wellness Web-based Health Resources

  • Website resources for both parents and adolescents addressing youth physical activity/sports, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, controlling stress, and avoiding substance use 

Prevention Plus Wellness Teen Home Contracts

  • Avoiding Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use Problems
  • Improving School Grades and Attendance
  • Avoiding Driving Citations and Accidents
  • Following House Rules
  • Practicing Living a Moral Life 

Prevention Plus Wellness Pep Talk Lessons

  • Moderate Physical Activity & Sports
  • Vigorous Physical Activity & Sports
  • Muscle Strengthening Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition
  • Monitoring Calorie Intake & Weight
  • Controlling Stress
  • Planning for School Success 

Training: Prevention Plus Wellness offers live online and onsite workshops to become certified to lead parent training in the use of PPW parental tools to their youth at home: http://preventionpluswellness.com/certified-parent-workshop-leader-training/ 

Environmental Level

A third level with which Prevention Plus Wellness programs can be implemented is at the environmental level, as a normative media campaign strategy.  The content found in both individual and parent PPW programs is designed to communicate the normative belief that typical youth regularly engage in healthy behaviors, while avoiding substance use, and as a consequence experience positive identities and other beneficial outcomes.   

This same content can be communicated in various print and electronic formats using a marketing campaign targeting an entire population or community. In particular, media messages can be used to target youth directly, and/or indirectly through messages to parents, in a given school or community.   

Organizations or communities who wish to use the Prevention Plus Wellness Model for providing an environmental media campaign designed to influence positive norms and behaviors among youth and parents can contact PPW for more information: (904) 472-5022.   

Training: We offer training on how to develop evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness media messages that can be tailored to the needs of your organization, population, or entire community.   


Prevention Plus Wellness programs can be provided at three communication levels: the individual, parent, and environment.  Applying Prevention Plus Wellness content at two or three levels simultaneously, or sequentially, increases the likelihood of reaching a broader audience with evidence-based content shown to prevent substance use while promoting healthy behavior and identity development.   

Providing PPW messaging across multiple levels also offers opportunities to reinforce key positive images, behaviors, and norms originating from multiple, different sources, e.g., professionals directly to youth vs. parents or guardians at home vs. school/community print and electronic media.  Prevention Plus Wellness is perhaps the sole prevention program provider allowing organizations and communities to provide evidence-based content across all key levels of communication.

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