Training Videos Now Included with All PPW Prevention Programs

All new 2.0 2016 versions of Prevention Plus Wellness programs now include free training videos that present:

1) Differences between Prevention Plus Wellness programs and typical prevention interventions,  

2) How positive images are used in Prevention Plus Wellness programs to influence health behaviors,  

3) Key sections and materials in Prevention Plus Wellness program manuals,  

4) How to use Prevention Plus Wellness scripts, and

5) Evaluation and post-training strategies for Prevention Plus Wellness programs.

Save time and money, and get prepared to implement your PPW program at your convenience, with these new training videos included in all new program purchases.  That’s a $100 savings per program!

For individuals interested in becoming certified to implement a Prevention Plus Wellness program, our live onsite or online training workshops are just 3-4 hours in length, while our Training of Trainer’s workshops are just 6-7 hours long.  In addition, these certifications are now good for a full three-year period.

Call us today to learn about how to become a Certified PPW Program Implementer or Trainer: (904) 472-5022. 

Don’t forget, we also provide Youth Leadership Training in Prevention Plus Wellness, and Parent Leader Training.  Read about all of our training workshops now: http://preventionpluswellness.com/training-workshops/

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