Driving Stoned: Challenges with Reducing Marijuana-impaired Driving


An editorial letter published in BC Medical Journal discussed the relationship between marijuana legalization and drug-impaired driving.

The article’s author, Dr. Chris Rumball, MD from the Council on Health Promotion, highlighted the risks associated with legalizing marijuana on driver impairment and increased fatal crashes, and the scientific and practical challenges with reducing roadway risks.

Marijuana is the second most frequently detected drug in drivers involved in a crash, after alcohol.  In addition, fatal driving crashes in both Colorado and Washington involving marijuana using drivers have significantly increased since legalization of recreational cannabis in these two states.

With increasing legalization of recreational marijuana use in the US (now eight states and the District of Columbia), greater knowledge of marijuana’s influence on increasing road deaths and injuries is needed, along with awareness of other risks posted by recreational use of cannabis for youth and adults.

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Read the entire editorial letter: http://www.bcmj.org/council-health-promotion/driving-stoned-marijuana-legalization-and-drug-impaired-driving

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