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There is an abundance of online information by the cannabis industry promoting the advantages of marijuana use for recreational and medical purposes, as well as content branding marijuana use as ordinary behavior, like tobacco or alcohol use.

So, I was interested in knowing what online topics also addressed the potential risks and harm that can result from marijuana consumption.

To find out, I ran a simple Bing search using the terms “marijuana harm” recently.

Here is what I found.




Questioning Marijuana’s Harmfulness

Some marijuana harm topics were proposed as questions, suggesting to readers that marijuana may not be harmful.  For example:

  • Is Marijuana Harmful?
  • Is Cannabis Really That Bad?
  • Is Marijuana Bad for You?
  • It’s a Plant: How Harmful Could It Be?

Similar topics raised questions about whether marijuana posed specific types of health risks to users.  These included:

  • Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for Your Lungs?
  • Is Marijuana Bad for Your Heart?

Still other topics questioned the risks of marijuana use for certain groups of people, particularly youth and babies, and even pets.  These included:

  • Teen Marijuana Use Not Harmful?
  • Is Marijuana Harmful to Teenagers?
  • Is Marijuana Harmful to Babies?
  • Is It Safe to Use Marijuana During Pregnancy?
  • Dogs and Marijuana: Is it Harmful?


Comparing Marijuana to Tobacco or Alcohol

Some topics inferred or even stated that using marijuana is less harmful than using tobacco or alcohol.  For example:

  • No High Risk: Marijuana May be Less Harmful Than Alcohol, Tobacco
  • Marijuana vs. Alcohol: Which is Really Worse for Your Health?
  • Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol: It’s Time to Treat It That Way


Claims of Not Being Harmful 

Some titles claimed that others don’t think marijuana use is harmful.  Such as:  

  • Americans Are Using Marijuana and Don’t Think It’s Harmful
  • Marijuana is Not Harmful: Say 60% of High School Seniors

Even more disturbing titles simply stated outright that marijuana use is not harmful.  For example: 

  • Casual Marijuana Smoking Not Harmful to Lungs 
  • Cannabis is Not Harmful to Health 


Claims That Marijuana is Healthy or Helpful

Equally misleading topics suggested that marijuana use was healthy or helpful in some way.  Specifically: 

  • Is Marijuana Helpful or Harmful to Your Mental Health?
  • The Health Effects of Marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana: Helpful or Harmful?
  • Study Proves Medical Marijuana Can Replace Dangerous Pharmaceuticals




In conclusion, a brief review of online topics from a search on “marijuana harm” indicated topics that ranged from questioning the risk potential of marijuana use to blatantly stating that marijuana consumption is not harmful or even healthy.

Even when some online articles discussed the potential harm or risks associated with marijuana use, their titles may have been misconstrued by readers to suggest that marijuana consumption is harmless or without risk.

There is a great need for more online content that addresses the real risks and harm associated by marijuana use, particularly among youth, and for the use of more accurate online titles that will not be misinterpreted as indicating otherwise.

In closing, I believe we need more online topics like this one below that unfortunately was unique in its accurate claim regarding marijuana risk:

Contrary to Popular Belief, Marijuana is Indeed Harmful

What can you do to combat myths and misinformation about marijuana?  Get equipped with more evidence-informed content.

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2 Responses to Online Information on Marijuana Harm

  1. It does not surprise me that published articles either downplay or deny that marijuana is harmful. The bottom line on harmfulness seems to give way to the bottom line for those who sell it.
    This is excellent information, in that it reinforces the need for real, research based studies that can provide unbiased reports on the harm marijuana actually does.
    A few years ago, I ran a search on ecstasy, and 50 of the 52 articles posted stated that it was a harmless, recreational drug that had no ill effects. How wrong and contrary to clinical studies of that drug.

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