Screening and Brief Interventions Effective for Adolescents and Young Adults


A systematic review published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment examined 185 studies evaluating the effectiveness of brief alcohol interventions for youth.

The review found that brief interventions led to significant reductions in alcohol use and problems among both adolescents and young adults, with effects lasting for one year.

Certain modalities and components (e.g., goal setting) were associated with larger brief intervention effects.

Two brief interventions that have been shown to prevent alcohol and marijuana use, while also increasing healthy behaviors like physical activity, are the SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs for adolescents and young adults, respectively.

These brief interventions include screening of current health habits, feedback on health habits and associated image effects, and goal setting to avoid substance use and improve wellness habits.

Prevention Plus Wellness programs are the only evidence-based brief interventions that connect substance use prevention with wellness promotion.

Learn more about the Prevention Plus Wellness screening and brief intervention approach today: http://preventionpluswellness.com/

Read the entire research review abstract: http://www.journalofsubstanceabusetreatment.com/article/S0740-5472(14)00192-5/abstract

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