Cannabis and Neurocognitive Performance Among Adolescents


A new open access article published in Mental Health and Addiction Research examined the impact of marijuana use of neurocognitive performance among Jamaican adolescents.

Cannabis users had lower scores on all tests of learning, attention and memory than non-users.  As the authors state, these findings have implications for school performance among adolescent marijuana users in Jamaica.

These data support a growing body of animal, imaging and longitudinal research showing the effects of marijuana on brain functioning of youth (https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/how-does-marijuana-use-affect-your-brain-body).

This study, along with previous research, highlights the need to increase youth marijuana use prevention and treatment, policies to protect youth from accessing marijuana where it is legalized, and community-wide cannabis awareness campaigns to inform adults and youth of the harmful effects of marijuana consumption.

Read the entire article today:


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