Marijuana Awareness Youth Health Behavior Survey & Goal Plan

A teacher talks to school children in a high school class

The Youth Health Behavior Survey was designed to give young people an opportunity to assess their current health behaviors.  These include both wellness promoting habits as well as marijuana and other substance use.

Once the Survey has been completed, youth can use their answers to complete the Youth Multiple Health Behavior Goal Plan.  The Goal Plan was created to help youth set and monitor behavior goals to avoid marijuana and other substance use while also improving one or more wellness enhancing habits. 

Co-signing the plan by a witness or parent is critical to increasing the motivational force of the Goal Plan to achieve behavior change.

Both the Youth Health Behavior Survey and the Youth Multiple Health Behavior Goal Plan are included among the customizable materials in the Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign.

Look at the Survey and Goal Plan today: youth-health-behavior-survey-goal-plan





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  1. Please share a list of youth referral places, for teens who are experiment with different kinds of substances.
    Thank you. Private places for parents to take their child for assistance. (Ages 13yrs to 15yrs).In Brooklyn New York.

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