Quality of Life and Cannabis Use


An open access article published in Health by Scientific Research Publishing, Inc. examined marijuana use and self-reported physical and mental health using data from three national surveys (2 Canadian, 1 US).

Results indicated that individuals who do not use marijuana before the age of 21 almost never use it.  Use is more likely to be associated with males.

In addition, the harmful effects on both physical and mental health are persistent throughout their lives, even if they are no longer marijuana users.  The good news is that marijuana smoking is not as damaging to health as tobacco smoking.

We agree with the author’s insights that there is a likely epidemic of health problems that will emerge resulting from legalizing marijuana use, unless extensive educational programs are provided in schools and elsewhere youth are found.

Adolescents need to be better informed about the health hazards associated with marijuana use, particularly early and regular use, including cognitive and psychological harm.

And as I’ve called for in previous blogs, the authors of this paper also recommend drug policies that limit access to marijuana for all youth, along with more strictly regulating price, THC levels and advertising.

Lastly, from a public health perspective, I agree with the authors call for broader awareness of the risks associated with marijuana consumption.

For schools, organizations, communities and parents looking for evidence-based and evidence-informed programs, tools and media campaigns to prevent marijuana and other drug use, promote healthy lifestyles, and increase awareness of the harmful consequences of marijuana use, Prevention Plus Wellness has great resources: http://preventionpluswellness.com

Read the entire open access article today:



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