Alternative Policing for Cannabis Offenses



An article published in the International Journal of Drug Policy examined the cost-effectiveness of using a cautioning strategy compared to a more traditional arrest response for minor marijuana offenses in Australia.


As the authors noted, there is increasing international interest in diversionary programs and other alternatives to the use of arrest for minor drug offenses.


The key findings of this study were that there were no differences between a cautioning and the standard arrest strategies and self-reported cannabis use days, however, the cautioning approach was less costly.


The average cost for the arrest and charge group was $733 vs. $388 for the cautioning group.


These data suggest that a cautioning strategy could save resources in minor marijuana offenses.


To read the entire research abstract: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0955395916303838


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    When clicking through to the Science Direct article, I get this error message:
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    • This link should go right to the article. If not, sometimes you need to click on the Science Direct logo on the upper left side of the page. If these don’t work, you might have a filter on and need to talk with your IT. Hope this helps!

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