Cannabis-infused Edibles: Pros and Cons


A new article from RTI Press discusses the pros and cons of marijuana edibles.  This is a very thorough review of research related to the promises and challenges of cannabis-infused edibles.

While it is written in part for marijuana users, it is a must read for health and substance abuse policy makers and professionals.

The paper provides an overview of cannabis edibles, and discusses the promises of marijuana edibles for therapeutic purposes.  More importantly, the article reviews the many dangers inherent in using edible marijuana, as well as efforts at regulation of edibles in those states that have legalized their use.

Recommendations provided include additional regulation of edibles due to the frequency of cannabis overdoses and accidental pediatric ingestion.

Specifically, the authors call for greater standardization and quality control of products to ensure consistent dosage, and improved labeling to reduce negative outcomes.

Unfortunately, these recommendations fall short in protecting children and youth from accidental and purposive ingestion of cannabis edibles, potential harm for pregnant and nursing females, and impairing driving ability.

Research is needed to determine not just the potential efficacy of edibles for specific therapeutic purposes, but also safety, side effects, potential drug interactions, and whether edibles provide a benefit beyond existing therapies.

Also greatly needed is additional regulation to protect youth from cannabis advertising, access to products in homes and communities, exposure to second-hand smoke, and adequate tax revenue dedicated to significantly expanding prevention, education and treatment to correct myths, misconceptions and norms that will increase use, harm and addiction resulting from the legalization of marijuana edibles and other products.

Read the entire article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5260817/#

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