Civil Citations for Adolescents Using Marijuana



A new study published in Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal examined civil citations for adolescents using marijuana.

Analyzing aggregate arrest data in a Central Florida county over a three-year period, findings indicated that while less than 20% of arrests were for youth cannabis position, the majority (65%) were detained in juvenile detention centers.

The authors conclude that civil citations for youth with cannabis possession should be increased when possible.

Read the research abstract: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10560-016-0487-8

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2 Responses to Civil Citations for Adolescents Using Marijuana

  1. Thank you for sharing the above and keeping all of us abreast of recent events . . . as father and grandfather I am very, very concerned that the information is accurate in order for truth is shared rather than opinion.

    I served for years (before retired 6/30/16 after 42 years at Redwood Christian Schools, the last 30 as Superintendent) on local organization dealing with harmful behavior for students in local schools . . .

    I continue to share the following whenever drugs, smoking, alcohol or premarital sex comes up (and it does often): 1) Don’t want to become a drug addict? Don’t ever use street drugs (including marijuana) or abuse prescriptions; 2) Don’t want to become an alcoholic? Don’t take your first alcoholic drink (including “harmless toasts” or attending keggars): 3) Want to decrease the chance of dying of lung cancer? Don’t smoke your first cigarette or hang around with those that do; and 4) Don’t want to get pregnant or become a father before marriage? Don’t get caught up in a physical relationship beyond holding hands and no “deep kissing,” and don’t isolate yourself with any one person where temptation and body response will lead you astray.

    I look forward to future reports form you . . .

    Bruce D. Johnson, Superintendent Emeritus
    Redwood Christian Schools
    BruceJohnson@rcs.edu http://www.rcs.edu

    Once again I look forward to reading future research . . .

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