Marijuana and Alcohol Pairing in Cannabis Advertising



The marijuana industry and proponents like to state that marijuana is a much “safer” and “less harmful” alternative to using other substances, particularly alcohol.


That’s why I found a recent marijuana advertisement discussing marijuana and beer pairings so interesting.


Take a look at this recent marijuana ad and let me know if you believe the cannabis industry wants marijuana to be used as a substitute for, or in combination with, alcohol.


Keep in mind research shows that even a small amount of marijuana and alcohol together increases crash risk greater than either marijuana or alcohol use alone (http://www.fsijournal.org/article/S0379-0738(14)00535-0/abstract).


Check out the marijuana and alcohol pairing ad: https://potguide.com/pot-guide-marijuana-news/article/the-best-weed-and-beer-pairings-for-st-patricks-day/


Quote of the Day: Marlene Mahurin, Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Coordinator of Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, Grass Valley, CA, recently told us: “Everything is going great with our SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program.  Our High School teachers are busy implementing SPORT PPW with all of the 9th grade students.”

The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program is being used by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools as a key component of their TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) program.


Find out more about what they are doing from their website: http://nevco.org/sport-prevention-plus-wellness-program/

How is your Prevention Plus Wellness program making a difference for young people in your area?

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One Response to Marijuana and Alcohol Pairing in Cannabis Advertising

  1. Ultimately, this argument ends up being a specious one. Though many advocates do say that it is safer than alcohol use or the use of harder drugs, it is a little naïve to think that alcohol or even marijuana producers will not sell marijuana the same way anything else is sold. The goal of these producers is to make money, which I think is the overarching problem.

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