Self-Concept and Youth Substance Use



A new article published in Academic Pediatrics examined how youth perceive the relationships among school environments, adolescent self-concept, social networks, and substance use.


Results reported that youth described feeling labeled by peers and teachers and how these labels became incorporated into their self-concept.


The study also found that affirming healthy aspects of youth self-concept at key risk behavior decision points helped them avoid substance use in the face of peer pressure.


One practical approach schools can use to affirm heathy aspects of youth self-concept is to provide evidence-based programs aimed at increasing positive youth self-identity.


SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness for adolescents has been shown to increase healthy behaviors and positive self-image while preventing alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use among participating youth.


Learn more about effectiveness of the SPORT PPW program today: http://preventionpluswellness.com/sport-prevention-plus-wellness/


Or the parallel InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college-aged youth adults: http://preventionpluswellness.com/inshape-prevention-plus-wellness/


Read the entire research abstract: http://www.academicpedsjnl.net/article/S1876-2859(16)30469-7/abstract


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