How to Tailor Your Marijuana Media Campaign



I wanted to share with everyone the outstanding efforts of one organization to tailor the Marijuana Awareness School & Community Media Campaign to meet the needs of their target population.

A description of how they plan to tailor the materials is provided, along with a sample of their tailored media.

“As you know, we are folding in elements of your marijuana campaign with media activities of our own. It is our intention to roll out monthly (or more) blog posts starting 4/20 (for obvious reasons). I am using some of the blog posts you include in the campaign materials, as the foundation of these posts.

However, since our blog is geared to parents and adults in the community – I am simplifying some of the messaging. The blogs are great as they are for professionals, but for the average adult in the community, they may be at a higher reading and comprehension level than that which will keep them reading.

Please take a look at this first one. And, with your permission, we will use this – and continue in this process. As you will see, you are credited as an author. If this is okay with you – I will be sure to run all future ones (if built upon the blogs in the campaign) past you – and continue with the crediting.”

Diane Ramseyer, MPA, CPP

Executive Director

Drug Free Charlotte County

Port Charlotte, FL

Check out a sample of the Marijuana Awareness School & Community Media Campaign here.

See a sample of how your marijuana media materials can be tailored today (Myth or Science? Marijuana and Addiction): Science v Myth – Pt. 1 Marijuana and Addiction – Blog 4-20-17


Please share with others who wish to prevent and reduce marijuana harm in their schools or communities.

Thank you!

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