Canada Tests Lower Age Marijuana Use



Our neighbors to the north are planning on being only the second country in the world, behind Uruguay, to legalize recreational use of marijuana on a national basis.


Unfortunately, they may set the minimum age for use at 18 years, which is three years lower than the minimum age for legal recreational marijuana use in the US.


The rational for the lower age limit is to try to undercut the black market sale of marijuana to young people.


However, as we have learned in the US with alcohol use, a lower age limit means more young people will use the substance.


Canadian youth already have the highest rates of marijuana use in the world.


Canada’s legalization of marijuana is planned for next year.


While educational efforts aimed at informing youth about the risks associated with marijuana use, especially use early in life, will need to be increased, the question is will it be enough to counter the influence of normalizing marijuana use by making it legal for them?


Will Canada’s proposed new legislation impact youth attitudes and use of marijuana in the US?


Read a recent article on Canada’s plans to lower the age of legal marijuana use: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-4519698/Canada-tests-lower-age-pot-legalization.html


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