Marijuana and Health



Here is a good article about marijuana and health recently published in the Journal of Drug Abuse and found online in iMedPub Journals.

The authors, Ken Winters and Kevin Sabet, call for more federal monitoring of the effects of marijuana policies on health in the US, as well as the nature and extent of compliance with cannabis laws at local and state levels.

In this brief article, the authors succinctly counter the following pro-marijuana claims:

  1. Marijuana is medicine,
  2. Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol,
  3. Legalization will not increase use and rates of addiction,
  4. Our jails and prisons are clogged with marijuana users, and
  5. Legalization would remove the black market and stop enriching gangs.


One key takeaway from this article is the essential need to stay abreast of the quickly changing marijuana health and legal landscape.


Changes in marijuana legalization will continue to have significant effects on the health and safety of youth, families, worksites and communities throughout the US and globe.


Prevention Plus Wellness will continue to keep you informed about these changes, and how you can protect the health, safety and productivity of others.


Read the article here: https://drugabuse.imedpub.com/marijuana-and-health.pdf


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