Marijuana Edibles and Teens


How to keep kids from pot-laced treats?  That was the question raised by a new article published in ParentMap.


Key points highlighted in the article that all health and education professionals and parents should know by now include:


  • Marijuana edibles, like candies, cookies and brownies, look like regular confectionaries thereby resulting in accidental ingestion as well as undetected use among youth
  • Like alcohol or tobacco, marijuana edibles can be obtained from older siblings, college students, and in the homes of parents using them
  • Marijuana use is viewed as less harmful among youth than in the past, and use is starting to increase
  • Youth marijuana calls to poison centers have increased since legalization
  • Symptoms of youth marijuana overdose include: irritability, crying, uncontrollable vomiting, psychosis, and loss of consciousness
  • Adults must lock up their marijuana edibles since sweet treats are naturally attractive to kids
  • Parents should talk to their kids about pot, as well as the parents of their kid’s friends


What should parents say to their kids and other parents?  One great source of educational content and tools is the Marijuana Awareness School & Community Media Campaign.


Ready-to-use materials include:

  • Marijuana Awareness Banner
  • Marijuana Awareness Poster
  • Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign Press Release
  • Marijuana Awareness Training Quiz with answers and scoring guide
  • Marijuana Awareness Training PowerPoint Slides
  • Youth Cannabis Use & Risks Quiz with answers and scoring guide
  • Youth Cannabis Use & Risks PowerPoint Slides
  • Essential Marijuana Terms
  • 10 Marijuana Risks Brochure
  • 9 Myths About Marijuana Use Harm Flyer
  • 10 Marijuana and Alcohol Harm Reduction Tips for Parents
  • 7 Tips for Reducing Marijuana Risks
  • 7 Critical Facts About Synthetic Marijuana
  • Is Marijuana Really Safer Than Alcohol?
  • Online Information on Marijuana Harm
  • Why is Marijuana Use Addictive?
  • Marijuana Awareness Training Resources
  • Youth Health Behavior Survey
  • Youth Multiple Health Behavior Goal Plan
  • Marijuana Marketing Literacy PowerPoint Slides
  • Marijuana Marketing Literacy Quiz with answers and scoring guide
  • Complete Marijuana Training: Part I PowerPoint Slides
  • Complete Marijuana Training: Part II PowerPoint Slides


Find out more about the Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign today: http://preventionpluswellness.com/marijuana-awareness-media-campaign/


Read the entire article about marijuana edibles and teens: http://www.parentmap.com/article/marijuana-edibles-teenagers-legal-drugs


Share this information with other health and youth specialists, teachers and parents today! 

Thank you!

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