Marijuana Risks for Employees



State laws permitting marijuana consumption for medical or recreational purposes conflict with existing federal law prohibiting the use of marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. 


This conflict has brought rise to many thorny legal issues in the workplace.


This new paper discusses whether federal and state laws protect employees use of marijuana.


The article highlights the need for marijuana awareness training and materials for both employees and employers. 


In the next days and weeks, Prevention Plus Wellness will be rolling out new training and educational tools for workplaces to best address the challenges facing them with continually changing marijuana regulations impacting employees, supervisors and companies. 


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The primary conclusion reached in this article was that employees run a high risk of experiencing negative employment action if they use a controlled substance, even if it is legal in their state.   


Read the entire article here: http://dc.law.utah.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1001&context=onlaw


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