New Cannabis Risks Research Findings

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Below are new research insights about the lack of awareness of marijuana’s risks among health clinicians, the role of norms and healthy habits in preventing youth marijuana use, and marijuana edibles laws and use among adolescents.


1.   Are Clinicians Prepared to Discuss Marijuana Risks? 


Bottom line – No.  Health specialists should seek evidence-informed content about marijuana risks that they can communicate to their clients, like that which we post in our blogs: http://preventionpluswellness.com/category/marijuanaarticlesnews/


Read the study results here:   



2.   Norms in Youth Marijuana Use


Lessons learned: 

1)   Family norms influence youth marijuana use – so parents please communicate your strong disapproval of your youth’s using cannabis.


2)   Prevention strategies should promote healthy behaviors as an alternative enjoyable way to socialize instead of using pot – like Prevention Plus Wellness programs that integrate fitness and health promotion with substance use prevention: http://preventionpluswellness.com


Read the study results here:




3.   Regulating Marijuana Edibles


Main finding: states that have legalized recreational marijuana use continue to struggle with labeling and packaging regulatory gaps, enforcement of laws, and whether updated laws on labeling and packaging will protect public safety.


Read the study results here:




4.   Marijuana Edibles by Adolescents


Key finding: prevalence of edible use is high among youth marijuana users – indicating the need to address edible risks among young people.


Would you be interested in a quiz and slide program, or other materials or training, that you could provide to your youth population to increase their awareness of marijuana edible risks? 


Please let us know so we can place it on our new program development list.  Send us your request today: info@preventionpluswellness.com


Read the study results here:



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