The Problem with Cannabis Candy as Medicine

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A recent article in Dope Magazine criticized a news report published in CBS New York about a 10-year old child who overdosed on marijuana-laced candy.

The title of the original CBS report was “New York State Boy Overdoses on Cannabis-Infused Gummy Candy.”

According to the author of the Dope critique, the original report is an example of “fake news” for the following reasons:

1)   The title of the article represents a “prime example of erroneous and lazy journalism; a clickbait title meant to boost ratings, without concern for the facts.”

2)   The article errored by stating that the one piece of candy the child ate contained 250mg of cannabis, when in fact it included 25mg of cannabis, and the entire bag of candy contained 250mg (10 pieces).

3)   The child did not “overdose” on the candy because, according to the author, “there are zero reports of anyone ever overdosing on cannabis.”

4)   The child was released from the hospital the same day.

Just to clarify, an “overdose” of a drug is an excessive or dangerous dose.  In the case of a child, 25mg of cannabis is an overdose because it can result in toxic effects on the child resulting in being sent to a hospital for treatment.

The fact that the CBS journalist mistook the amount of cannabis in the product bag for that in one piece of candy highlights the lack of clear labeling, safety warnings, and tamper-proof packaging to inform adults and protect children from accessing the drug.

Credit should be given to the author of the Dope article for raising the issue of unsupervised cannabis in reach of a child, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The father is now facing charges of endangering the welfare of the child.

What do you think?

Is this an example of purposeful “fake news” promulgated by mainstream journalism, or the marijuana industry ducking responsibility for producing and packaging drugs in kid-enticing candy that is sending increasingly greater numbers of children to emergency departments?

Read the critique here: http://www.dopemagazine.com/reefer-madness-strikes/



One Response to The Problem with Cannabis Candy as Medicine

  1. UGH! Ya know because they have not been a part of “fake news”…like the article I have entitled ‘United States says marijuana CURES cancer!’ which is far from the truth. I say hats of to CBS for reporting this when they knew they would get back lash. The marijuana people are just trying to detract from the truth of the article that a boy was sent to the hospital for ingesting ONE…the actual amount in the gummy bear means nothing to most people and as you said points to clear package labeling not really being a priority. If someone left their Rx laying around and a child took it the same thing would happen so hey I don’t feel bad for the Father being charged

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