College Marijuana Use Increases with Legalization



A new study published in the journal Addiction examined college student marijuana consumption in the US before and after recreational legalization in Oregon.

While binge drinking remained the same and cigarette consumption declined, marijuana use increased at US college campuses.

The largest increase was at an anonymous Oregon university.

More marijuana use was found among binge drinkers.

In addition, those under age 21 showed higher rates of marijuana use, suggesting legalization may be increasing illegal use.

Since marijuana use is increasing among college students even at universities where state recreational marijuana laws have not been passed, greater efforts at educating students of the harm associated with marijuana use should be increased.

Resources like the ready-to-use Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign can be used to provide evidence-informed information and correct marijuana myths, norms and beliefs about perceived harmfulness: http://preventionpluswellness.com/marijuana-awareness-media-campaign/

In addition, evidence-based prevention programs, such as the single-session InShape Prevention Plus Wellness screening and brief intervention that integrates wellness with prevention messages should be employed to effectively combat rising rates of marijuana consumption among American college students: http://preventionpluswellness.com/inshape-prevention-plus-wellness/

Read an article describing the study findings on ScienceDaily: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170614160510.htm

Please share this information with college and university health and prevention specialists and supporters.

Thank you!

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