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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is seeking athletes from all sports to make a significant difference in improving the lives of young people by promoting physically active, healthy, high performing and substance abuse free lifestyles.


We are looking for local, regional, national and international athletes to sponsor Prevention Plus Wellness substance use prevention programs and training for school and college-aged young people.


Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC provides the evidence-based:



SPORT PPW and InShape PPW are practical, single-session programs listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).  They are being used throughout the US by coaches, teachers, peer youth leaders, health and prevention specialists, and parents.


Research has shown that SPORT PPW and InShape PPW effectively prevent substance use and problems, while promoting physical activity, sports, healthy nutrition, sleep and stress control.


SPORT PPW and InShape PPW are the only substance use prevention programs in the nation that motivate young people by triggering positive future self-images of themselves, and improving their self-regulation skills to set and monitor goals to avoid harmful substance use while increasing positive habits that increase fitness, health and performance in sports, school and life.


Athletes who wish to serve as healthy role models for youth in social media and marketing promoting or endorsing Prevention Plus Wellness programs and training are invited to inquire.


If you are a recognized athlete in your area, state or country, and are interested in making a critical difference in improving the lives of youth and families, give us a call.  A paid honorarium is possible.


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