Parent Pep Talk Surveys & Goal Plans


The attached Parent Pep Talk Youth Wellness Behavior Surveys and Goal Plans are included with parent “pep talk” scripts in our Parent Pep Talks.  These pep talks were created so parents and guardians can provide critical yet practical brief motivational talks with their children, teens and even older youth.

They were specially designed for parents and guardians to prevent marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use while increasing a number of wellness habits and positive identity among their youth.  Wellness behaviors targeted include moderate and vigorous physical activity and sports, healthy eating and nutrition, monitoring calorie intake and weight, controlling stress, and planning for school success.

These pep talk sessions, along with proven home contracts and parent-youth health resources, are also found in the new book: Parenting Strategies for Creating Drug-Free & Healthy Youth available on this website.

Parent Pep Talk Surveys & Goal Plans