Below are three new studies examining the role of screening and brief intervention for preventing and reducing substance use. The first study published in Alcohol and Alcoholism consisted of a systematic review of guidelines on managing patients with harmful alcohol use in primary care. The author’s concluded that policy makers and healthcare providers implement screening […]


An article published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking investigated the role of online social identity in the relationship between adolescent exposure to alcohol-related content posted by peers on social networking sites and alcohol use. The study found that higher levels of exposure to alcohol-related content on social networking sites was associated with higher levels […]


  The National Health Education Standards (NHES) were created to establish, promote and support health-enhancing behaviors for students in all grade levels.    The NHES are written expectations for what students should know and can do to promote personal, family and community health.   All the evidence-based and evidence-informed substance use prevention programs at Prevention […]


  A new article published in Academic Pediatrics examined how youth perceive the relationships among school environments, adolescent self-concept, social networks, and substance use.   Results reported that youth described feeling labeled by peers and teachers and how these labels became incorporated into their self-concept.   The study also found that affirming healthy aspects of […]


A new study published in The Social Worker Practitioner-Researcher examined the experiences of secondary school students using illicit drugs. Using a qualitative approach involving in-depth face-to-face interviews, study findings highlight real pain and suffering youth experience from drug addiction. Read the entire research abstract: https://www.upjournals.co.za/index.php/SWPR/article/view/1834 Sign up to receive more new research reports and articles […]


A systematic review published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment examined 185 studies evaluating the effectiveness of brief alcohol interventions for youth. The review found that brief interventions led to significant reductions in alcohol use and problems among both adolescents and young adults, with effects lasting for one year. Certain modalities and components (e.g., […]


One of the many unique aspects of Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs is our emphasis on helping youth and young adults set, monitor and achieve multiple health and fitness behavior goals.  We want young people to set goals to avoid alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and illicit drug use, while also making plans to improve wellness-promoting behaviors.  […]


   Using positive images and content in substance abuse prevention programs has several advantages over typical prevention programs that communicate negative messages.  Positive prevention is likely to be more interesting, increase and sustain participation, and result in multiple health behavior improvements.    But there is one more benefit to using positive images and content in substance […]


A final post script was added to update this popular slide presentation about new research examining the amount of televised alcohol advertising exposure and the quantity of alcohol consumed by youth. The goals of this slide presentation are to: 1. Examine and compare images used in alcohol industry, prevention and treatment/recovery advertising, and 2.Provide recommendations for […]

There are three approaches to addressing the epidemic of multiple and co-occurring risk behaviors harming America’s youth and adults.  They include dealing with the problem in a: 1) piecemeal fashion, 2) serial fashion, or 3) integrated fashion.  The Piecemeal Approach The piecemeal strategy for addressing the problem of multiple health risks means maintaining the status […]

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