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  File this news report under the title of: Dude, I Thought Weed Was Supposed to Mellow You Out!   This scary but true story shows how marijuana use can have negative secondary effects for others by jeopardizing their safety and security.   The somewhat humorous postscript is the fellow at the center of this […]


  Workshop at the Florida Behavioral Health Conference, Orlando, FL. Presented by Chudley Edward Werch, PhD, President at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC. Wednesday August 16th at 4:00-5:30pm, 2017. Training objectives include: Describe the need for conducting marijuana media campaigns. Propose goals, theme and content for an effective media campaign in an organization or community. Explain […]


  A new paper published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs examined the unique influence of fathers’ alcohol and cannabis use disorder on children’s onset of use of these substances.   The author concluded that fathers’ lifetime cannabis use disorder had a unique and robust influence on children’s uptake of alcohol and […]


  A paper recently published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy examined cases of highly popularized stories of marijuana leading to violence and/or health risks. The authors conclude that the cases provide examples that marijuana causes violent behavior through increased aggressiveness, paranoia and personality changes. In addition, recent recreational and medical marijuana is […]


  Below are three recent studies examining the role of cannabis use and negative mental health effects among young people. The first study examined the influence of adolescent marijuana use on adult intelligence. The study was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. The key finding was that “ever use” of marijuana during adolescence […]


A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health examined the role of cannabis as a gateway drug. Marijuana use was assessed among UK teenagers who were again evaluated for substance use in early adulthood. The author’s concluded that even those adolescents who occasionally used marijuana use, as well as regular users, […]


  A new study published in the journal Addiction examined college student marijuana consumption in the US before and after recreational legalization in Oregon. While binge drinking remained the same and cigarette consumption declined, marijuana use increased at US college campuses. The largest increase was at an anonymous Oregon university. More marijuana use was found […]


A new study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence examined the characteristics of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) users and its effects. Reports suggest a recent increase in BHO use, a very potent form of marijuana concentrate created by burning butane fuel to extract THC from marijuana. The study consisted of an anonymous online survey of […]

Positive workplace drug tests are at a 10-year high. In a new article located on ProQuest, the author discusses the conflicts between new state marijuana laws and OSHA’s stance that drug testing is insufficient evidence for determining accident causation. Workplace managers and employees can learn more about marijuana, marijuana laws, and how to address it […]


  A recently published article in Psychiatric Annals discussed the current medical and legal status for smoked medical marijuana and addiction. This paper provides a hard look at the role of medical marijuana in relation to the following issues: Is marijuana a medicine? Studies on smoked marijuana Medical status for smoked marijuana Current policy for […]

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