Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for PPW

What are Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

They are evidence-based and theory-driven screening and brief interventions designed to prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use while increasing wellness behaviors and images of youth and adults, including physical activity, sports participation, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, stress management and spiritual practices in single, brief programs.

Unlike typical prevention and recovery programs that narrowly focus on a single health risk or problem, Prevention Plus Wellness programs were developed to protect youth and adults from an epidemic of multiple health risks in modern society.  Our programs are designed to improve the physical, mental and spiritual health, and positive development of children, adolescents and adults

Prevention Plus Wellness programs are founded on the evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Model which uses proven conceptual and practices theories to save you time and money by effectively influencing multiple health behaviors in as little as one lesson.   

What are the advantages of Youth Leadership Training in PPW?

Youth and young adults trained in Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program implementation develop a wide range of leadership skills and knowledge.   

Young people interested in “making their mark” or “making a difference” are ideal candidates for PPW Leadership Training, but so are any youth or young adult who wants to gain self-confidence, learn to set and obtain personal and professional goals, become a positive role model, and experience first-hand providing meaningful service to others.  Leadership development training is not just for some youth, but for every young person interested in reaching their full potential.   

The PPW Leadership Workshop is conducted in just 4-5 hours, allowing for even the busiest of youth to participate.  One-day Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshops for adult supervisors are also available. 

Where can you implement Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

Our programs can be implemented anywhere youth and adults are found, including:

1)   Schools during health and PE classes, and at lunch or study hall periods.

2)   After school programs and school-sponsored events.

3)   Recreational centers and activities.

4)   Sports leagues and events.

5)    Youth and summer camps.

6)   Youth and family organizations, like Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCAs.

7)   Faith-based youth groups, at churches and synagogues.

8)   Health fairs.

9)   School-based health centers.

10)  Primary care and walk-in clinics.

11)   Worksites and military settings.

12)   Homes by parents and guardians.

13)   Colleges and universities.

14)  Recovery and treatment centers.

Who can implement Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

Because our programs include step-by-step instructions, scripted materials and program support, they can be implemented by many different types of professionals, lay staff, parents and even volunteers, including:

1)   Prevention and recovery specialists.

2)   Wellness and health professionals.

3)   Youth and adult peer leaders and mentors.

4)    Fitness trainers.

5)   Coaches.

6)   Youth and family specialists.

7)   Addictions and substance abuse professionals.

8)   Juvenile justice professionals.

9)   Teachers and professors.

10)   Behavioral and mental health professionals.

11)   Medical and nursing professionals.

12)   Youth service providers.

13)   Parents and guardians.

14)   Religious leaders.

15)   Recreation staff.

How are Prevention Plus Wellness programs implemented?

Our programs are implemented using a proven, evidence-based practices model designed for use with all youth and adults.  This easy to use four step model involves Screening, Feedback, Goal-setting, and Follow-up (SFGF).  First, participant’s current health habits are screened, second, feedback and positive image communication is provided, third, multiple behavior goals are set, and fourth, follow-up strategies and support is offered.

To date, this integrated positive image practices model has been applied to develop nearly two dozen successful wellness with prevention and recovery programs.  These include SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness, SPORT Recovery, SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness, InShape Prevention Plus Wellness, Prevention Plus Wellness Adult Recovery, In God’s Image (IGI), and Prevention Plus Wellness for Parents.

While SFGF is similar to other screening and brief intervention models such as SBIRT, it has a number of key differences.  Because SFGF is founded on the Behavior-Image Model, it emphasizes connecting wellness behaviors and images with substance abuse risk habits.   This unique approach is designed to improve the “whole health” of youth and adults by developing positive images and multiple behavior goal setting skills.

SFGF uses a structured strategy designed to provide a universal, holistic prevention or recovery intervention.  In addition, SFGF focuses on reinforcing brief intervention with follow-up booster content and experiences aimed at supporting and extending initial intervention effects.  Optional strategies such as printed flyers, repeated consultations, and subsequent goal setting can be used to strengthen and maintain the effects of initial brief interventions over time. 

Why should you use Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

The majority of youth and adults in modern society are exposed to and experience multiple and at times co-existing unhealthy behaviors and problems, leading to anxiety, pain and suffering for youth, adults and their families.  For example, national data on health habits from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that while two-thirds of youth have drank alcohol and over four in 10 have used marijuana, just over one in four youth get the recommended daily physical activity required for healthy development, and only 16% eat three or more servings of vegetables a day.

These unhealthy behaviors influence each other directly, and indirectly through common underlying risk and protective factors such as self-image and self-regulation skills.  The solution is using integrated interventions for youth and adults which cost-effectively bundle multiple correlated behaviors to produce larger and broader health outcomes.

We developed Prevention Plus Wellness to improve the enjoyment, participation and effectiveness of prevention and recovery programs for youth and adults.  Prevention Plus Wellness programs go beyond addressing a single health risk or problem, and instead are designed to help youth and adults understand how health behaviors are connected and influence each other, become aware of positive images associated with individual wellness habits, and increase motivation to set and monitor multiple behavior improvement goals.

Do you need training to implement Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

While our brief programs are much easier to use than most prevention, health and recovery programs, and we provide step-by-step instructions, training is important to implement them with fidelity and success.  That is why we provide online and on-site workshops for professionals, parents and youth leaders who want to be certified implementers of our Prevention Plus Wellness programs.  We also offer online and on-site Training of Trainers (TOT) workshops for providers who wish to train others in their organization or region to implement Prevention Plus Wellness programs.    

What do Prevention Plus Wellness programs include?

Our evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness, and evidence-informed SPORT Recovery and Prevention Plus Wellness Adult Recovery are single lesson programs that include everything needed to implement them to an unlimited number of people, including a program manual, and telephone and email program support.  The program manual includes an introductory letter, directions and tips for implementation, health behavior screening survey, individual and group lesson scripts, PowerPoint slides, goal plans, implementation quality evaluation tools, outcome evaluation survey, training videos, and downloadable reproducible materials.  In addition, SPORT and SPORT Recovery include optional parent letter and flyers, and youth and parent web resources. 

Our SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness and In God’s Image multi-lesson programs also include everything needed to implement them to an unlimited number of youth, including a program manual that contains an introductory letter, directions and tips for implementation, health behavior screening surveys, individual and group lesson scripts, PowerPoint slides, goal plans, implementation quality evaluation tools, outcome evaluation survey, training videos, and downloadable reproducible materials.   

The Prevention Plus Wellness for Parents program includes materials designed to empower parents and guardians to provide positive pep talks motivating their youth to set goals to live a wellness lifestyle.  Each PPW for Parents session is on CD in easy to use PDF documents.  PPW for Parents is a six-session program created to increase youths’ wellness enhancing behaviors, including physical activity and sports, healthy eating and nutrition, monitoring calorie intake and weight, and controlling stress, while avoiding alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use.

Who is using Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

Our evidence-based wellness with prevention programs are being implemented in 47 states in the US and abroad.  Here are a few of the organizations which recently ordered our programs:

  1. Twelfth Judicial District, Concordia, KS;
  2. Ocean Beach Presbyterian Church, Seaview, WA;
  3. Council on Alcoholism and Addictions, Geneva, NY;
  4. Neighborhood House, Seattle, WA;
  5. Archdiocese Drug Abuse Prevention Program, Bronx, NY;
  6. Starting Point of Ozaukee, Grafton, WI;
  7. Prevention Management Organization, Torrington, WY;
  8. Mid Hudson Prevention Resource Center, Goshen, NY;
  9. Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA;
  10. DePaul’s National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Rochester, NY;
  11. Associated Youth Services, Kansas City, KS;
  12. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, Casper, WY;
  13. Snohomish County Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Program, Everett, WA;
  14. Sports Foundation, Inc., Bronx, NY;
  15. Franciscan Alliance-St. Margaret Health, Dyer, IN;
  16. Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Brooklyn, NY;
  17. The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, Lacy, WA;
  18. Madison Square Boys & Girls Clubs, New York City; and
  19. Danvers Public Schools, Danvers, MA.

Are SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness listed in any evidence-based directories?    

Yes.  SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness are listed on several evidence-based data bases.  These include the federal government’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness and others.  In addition, both SPORT and InShape were developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health.  Results of their effectiveness in preventing alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use while improving healthy habits like physical activity are published in scientific journals.

Is there somewhere I can see samples of the latest Prevention Plus Wellness programs?

Yes.  Samples of all of our current prevention with wellness programs are available for review on our website.  Just go to the Program Samples section of our website and click on the program PDF you wish to view.

What other services does Prevention Plus Wellness provide?

We specialize in providing program customization, evaluation, data analysis, training and group presentations.  Call us for more information: (904) 472-5022