Complete Marijuana Training: Parts I & II



These recorded online marijuana awareness training sessions were specifically designed for school, community, business and family members and professionals.


That includes teachers, counselors, administrators, school board members, business supervisors and managers, community and youth leaders, health and substance abuse specialists, parents, and others interested in quickly and easily learning more about today’s fast changing marijuana landscape.   


These online trainings are an inexpensive way to get evidence-informed facts about the many changes regarding marijuana products and potency, laws, risks to youth, prevention strategies, and marijuana terminology. 


Both training sessions come with a certificate of completion, and a PDF of the presentation slides.   


The goals of Complete Marijuana Training include:

1) View critical evidence-informed information about marijuana for school, business, community and family settings.  

2) Describe the nature of marijuana, and its harmful effects (Part I).

3) Describe the laws related to medical and recreational use, prevention strategies, and marijuana terminology (Part II). 


These two one-hour plus long training sessions answer critical questions all professionals and interested lay individuals need to know, including:

1.   What is marijuana?

2.   How many youth use marijuana?

3.   How potent is today’s marijuana?

4.   How is marijuana used?

5.   What are marijuana extracts/concentrates?

6.   How does marijuana work in the body?

7.   What are the harmful effects of marijuana for youth and adults?

8.   What do recreational marijuana laws mean for youth?

9.   What are common myths about marijuana?

10. What is “medical marijuana?”

11. Why has marijuana not been approved by the FDA for any medical uses?

12. What does science say about medical marijuana?

13. What factors influence youth to use marijuana?

14. What are some signs youth might be using marijuana?

15. Where can you find evidence-based marijuana prevention and treatment programs?

16. What else can teachers and schools do to protect youth from marijuana harm?

17. What can parents do to protect their youth from marijuana harm?

18. What are some sources of evidence-informed information, training and materials about marijuana?

19. What are common marijuana terms reflecting slang and culture?


Get trained on the latest evidence-informed information about marijuana and how you can protect your youth and young adults, school, business, community and family today.  Select training session Part I and/or Part II below.  Just $9.99 each.

Call if you’d like us to provide this training to your group live: (904) 472-5022, info@preventionpluswellness.com.

Also available from PPW are ready-to-use prevention and education materials found in the Marijuana Awareness School & Community Media Campaign.