Marijuana Awareness Training Webinar


Free 30-minute recorded webinar on Marijuana Awareness Training.  

Almost everything we once knew about marijuana from the 1960’s-1970’s has changed. 

That includes laws dealing with legalization for medical and recreational use, drug potency, products and methods of use, risk potential and harmful effects, and youth prevention and treatment strategies.   

Webinar Purpose: To gain critical knowledge for protecting the health, safety and productivity of your children, students, employees, and yourselves.    

Who Should Attend: Health, safety and substance abuse professionals, parents, business owners, and concerned citizens.

Marijuana Awareness Training Quiz & PowerPoint Slide Program: Get a downloadable PDF version of the popular Marijuana Awareness Training Quiz with answers and scoring guide, as well as PowerPoint slides allowing you to present this lesson to youth and adults in your organization and community.  Order it here today!