Marijuana Awareness Training

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Marijuana Awareness TrainingTM is evidence-informed education and information about today’s new marijuana.   

Almost everything we once knew about marijuana from the 1960’s-1970’s has changed.   

That includes laws legalizing medical and recreational use of cannabis, drug potency, products and methods of use, risk potential, negative safety and health effects, how to prevent and reduce harm, education strategies, research, and more.   

If you are a substance abuse, health, safety or education professional, parent, business owner, or a regular citizen who wants to know how today’s marijuana can affect you, your loved ones, your employees, and your communities, you’ll want to see what we have for you.

We offer flexible, 1-5 hour online and onsite workshops with topics tailored to the specific needs of any group, including:  

·         Substance abuse, Health, Safety and Education Professionals 

·         Parents and Youth 

·         Businesses and their Employees 

·         Treatment Providers 



A list of a sample of the topics Marijuana Awareness TrainingTM can address for you and your group include:  

1.   Implementing a Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign

2. What Everyone Should Know About Marijuana.

3. 10 Serious Risks for Youth Who Use Marijuana

4. Why is Marijuana Addictive?

5. 7 Tips for Reducing Marijuana Risks for Adults and Youth

6. 9 Myths About Marijuana Harm

7. 10 Marijuana Prevention Tips for Parents

8. Marijuana Advertising Myths

9. Marijuana Resources for Professionals and Parent

10. Workplace Marijuana Awareness Training & Policies




Don’t settle for biased information from the marijuana industry.  Arm yourself with evidence-informed knowledge about how today’s marijuana can affect you, your kids, and your employees, and how you can protect yourself and others. 

Marijuana Awareness Training Costs:

Just $49/person for one-hour (10 people minimum)

Order below: