Model Program Sites


The Mattawa Community Coalition 

The Mattawa Community Coalition implemented the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program during a four-week Summer Student Activities Program in 2016. Students in grades K-12 were invited to participate in the free program that was held at the Wahluke School District in Mattawa, WA.  

Coaches would wrap up each week’s sports activities by implementing the SPORT PPW lesson with the students. Coaches implemented the SPORT PPW lesson in a variety of settings, including the high school library, gymnasium, and soccer field (depending on what resources were available at the time). Students enjoyed both the sports activities and the SPORT PPW lesson! 

A pre-posttest evaluation of the summer program found that participating kids:  

1)    Liked the SPORT PPW lesson,

2)    Said it will help them avoid alcohol use next month,

3)    Said the SPORT PPW lesson will help them avoid drugs next month,

4)    Said it will help them avoid cigarettes next month,

5)    Increased their willingness to get physical activity most days, and

6)    Increased their willingness to eat a variety of healthy foods daily.   

In summary, SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness was enjoyed by participating kids, and they thought it was effective in preventing their future use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.  In addition, pre-post changes revealed SPORT PPW increased kid’s willingness to participate in physical activity and eating healthier foods.      

The implementation of the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program was directed by Elena Calderon, Community Coalition Coordinator.