Online Marijuana Awareness Workshops & Slide Programs


Marijuana Awareness TrainingTM Workshops are evidence-informed education about today’s new marijuana.

Almost everything we once knew about marijuana from the 1960’s-1970’s has changed.   

That includes laws legalizing medical and recreational use of cannabis, drug potency, products and methods of use, risk potential, negative effects, how to prevent and reduce harm, treatment strategies, and more.   

If you are a health, safety or education professional, parent, or an informed citizen who wants to know how today’s marijuana can affect you and your loved ones, you’ll want to see what we have for you.

Each online recorded video workshop can be viewed at your convenience at work, home or on the run.  They address essential topics involving the quickly changing marijuana legalization and risks environment.  Every workshop also comes with a customizable certificate documenting your completion of the workshop and providing course credit.  Slide programs allow you to teach the lesson to others. 

Marijuana Awareness Training Workshops are just $29 each ($59 with slide program) and include a course certificate:

  • Essential Marijuana Terms (Updated & Expanded)(approx. 1 hour): Learn the essential terms everyone needs to know about marijuana, in relation to the plant, its chemical makeup, how it is used, new concentrated extracts, and slang and cultural concepts.
  • Youth Cannabis Use and Risks (approx. 30 minutes): Learn the latest evidence-informed information about youth marijuana use and abuse, and the major risks posed by marijuana consumption among young people. 
  • Marijuana Media Literacy (approx. 1 hour): Learn the common advertising strategies and appeals used by the marijuana industry to help correct marijuana myths, misconceptions and norms for youth and adults.

Order one or more workshops below and start increasing your marijuana awareness and knowledge today.