Onsite Certified Implementer & Trainer Workshops


We offer two types of group onsite workshops for health, education and substance abuse professionals, parents and youth leaders/mentors.  The first workshop is to become certified program implementers.  The second workshop is to become a certified trainer to teach others how to implement our programs.        


1. Certified Program Implementers Onsite Workshops

Onsite group training provides an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively implement our programs with fidelity.  Onsite implementer training lasts about four hours.  It includes certification for a three-year period.   

2. Certified Program Training of Trainers (TOT) Onsite Workshops

Onsite group training provides an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a trainer and provide our program implementation workshop to others in your organization or region under contract with Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC.  Onsite TOT training lasts about seven hours (includes implementer training) and contains training materials.  A three-year certification is provided.