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Today’s youth are exposed to a greater number and variety of risks to their physical and mental health, well-being and success than ever before in modern history.  That is why there is a need for quick and easy evidence-based parent tools like our Parent Prevention Plus Wellness Flyers.   

Each of the four downloadable parent flyers is designed to help your child or adolescent avoid substance use while fostering a protective wellness lifestyle and positive self-identity.  Simply read each of the parent messages to your youth, and check them off as you go. When done, hand the flyer to your kid read themselves.   

family-bike-ride-rexEach of the theory-based messages is designed to trigger positive images youth have of their peers, and desired images of themselves in the future.  This is the same type of approach used by Fortune 500 companies in their image advertising campaigns that successfully influences buying behavior. 

In addition, content in the Parent Prevention Plus Wellness Flyers is founded on the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness lesson.  This communication approach has been shown to prevent alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use while promoting wellness habits like physical activity among youth.   

Parent PPW Flyers come in three versions.  One for older, high school aged adolescents (ages 18-14 years), another for young, middle school aged youth (ages 14-10 years), and a third for elementary school children (ages 10-8 years).  Flyers come in both English and Spanish. 

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