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d520007776f6474b475Our Story

You’ve heard Plato’s quote that “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  Well, that’s exactly how Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) was born.   

After years of developing substance abuse prevention programs, I was faced with the challenge of providing a prevention program for youth attending school sports physical exams.  While sports exams might seem like an ideal situation to address substance abuse, the problem is that sports physicals are typically very brief and usually offered just once a year.  In addition, adolescents interested in sports and fitness are not necessarily keen on receiving “boring” information about substance abuse risks.     

This problem demanded the development of a practical prevention program that could be implemented within a very tight time frame, and one that was also salient and enjoyable in its targeting of how to achieve broader fitness and health outcomes.  My solution was a single-session screening and brief intervention that integrated the prevention of substance abuse with the promotion of overall fitness and health by cuing naturally motivating positive images and using multiple behavior goal setting to improve self-regulation skills.   

happy-group-of-kidsFrom this initial intervention the Prevention Plus Wellness Model was born.  Since then we have developed nearly two dozen motivational programs that integrate the prevention and reduction of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse with improving wellness behaviors like physical activity and playing sports, eating healthy foods, getting adequate sleep, controlling stress and even spiritual habits of youth and adults.     

Prevention Plus Wellness was ahead of its time in offering programs that could be quickly implemented in time-strapped settings, yet also unified prevention and wellness.  Today there is an emphasis throughout the country on funding and implementing programs that cost-effectively target multiple co-occurring health risks to improve the broader health and well-being of youth and adults.  Prevention Plus Wellness continues to provide the only evidence-based prevention programs and training in the country that address wellness with prevention in a fun, user-friendly single-session format.    

kids_health-1Prevention Plus Wellness has two brief yet integrated evidence-based programs listed in the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).  These include SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness for youth, and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness for young adults.  More recently, we have used the same Prevention Plus Wellness Model to create the SPORT 2 program, the faith-based In God’s Image program, the Parent Pep Talks Program, and the SPORT Recovery and PPW Adult Recovery programs for youth and adults in recovery and treatment.  E-learning and onsite training workshops provide certification as a Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer or Trainer.

We have also expanded our focus to target the quickly growing epidemic of marijuana use harm, safety and addiction.  To address this global health and safety problem we developed the evidence-informed Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign, Marijuana Awareness Training: What Everyone Should Know About Today’s Marijuana, Marijuana Awareness Workplace Training Program, Marijuana Awareness Employee Training Program, tailored Marijuana Awareness Training, and the SPORT Marijuana Awareness Program.  

There is a tremendous lack of evidence-based content, training, strategies and tools available to address widely prevalent marijuana myths, misconceptions and pro-use norms driven by the legalization legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use.  That is why we provide free weekly blog articles, research and news about this quickly growing health and safety issue, and how prevention, education and treatment can effectively help youth, families, schools, businesses and communities avoid marijuana harm while developing healthy lifestyles. 

We also now offer Youth Leadership Training in implementing our evidence-based and evidence-informed programs and campaigns.  This training is designed for youth to experience first-hand providing effective strategies to prevent substance use harm and promote wellness habits among their younger peers.  In addition, we have some important books offered in both paperback and Kindle that address youth physical and spiritual fitness, drug-free parenting strategies, and developing wellness lifestyles for those in recovery.  

We continue to be committed to developing powerful motivational programs, training and materials that push the envelope in achieving greater and broader health, safety and personal development effects in very practical and enjoyable formats for use by busy organizations and businesses, communities, parents and even trained youth leaders!  Join us in our mission to protect and improve the whole health of kids and adults throughout the U.S.   

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Chudley Edward Werch, PhD, President & Founder

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC


(904) 472-5022

WIN_20161208_13_59_54_ProOur Mission

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is an education small business that provides:

1) Nationally recognized quick and easy to use evidence-based substance use prevention programs and training that promote physical activity, sports, health and performance among athletes and all youth and young adults; and

2) E-learning and onsite marijuana awareness and media campaign programs addressing rapidly changing information about marijuana use, health and safety risks, medical and recreational marijuana laws, perceived harmfulness, and social norms for schools, colleges, homes, businesses and communities.    

Our Vision

To be recognized as the global leader in providing quick and easy to use evidence-based substance use prevention with fitness programs, training and materials, along with marijuana awareness training, for prevention, health, fitness, sports, safety and substance abuse professionals, families, organizations, businesses and communities.      


Our Guarantee

All Prevention Plus Wellness programs are founded on the proven, evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Model, and all of our training and materials use the latest evidence-based information to provide effective results.     

That’s why PPW guarantees all of our programs and materials reflect three E’s:

1)   Easy to implement,

2)   Enjoyable for participants, and

3)   Effective in increasing awareness or influencing behavior change. 

In addition, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee on program manuals returned in new condition.  PPW is committed to ensuring you are successful in making a positive impact with your target audience!

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