3 Strategies to Prevent Substance Use While Promoting Sports and Physical Activity

Teenagers playing rugby


The most effective way to prevent substance use and promote active and healthy lifestyles among youth and young adults is to implement an evidence-based program that has been shown to successfully integrate prevention with fitness.

There are two programs listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) that are proven to prevent substance use like alcohol and marijuana use, and even cigarette smoking, while also increasing physical activity.

Since these two programs are screening and brief interventions, they are the only two integrated programs in the country that can quickly, easily and cost-effectively reduce risky substance use habits and improve wellness in a single-setting.

The two prevention and fitness integrated programs are the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for children through high school-aged adolescents, and the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college-aged young adults.

Below is a description of 3 strategies for implementing the SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs in nearly any setting with any youth population.

Four other opportunities to use Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs are also discussed.


Implementation Strategies 

1. Adult Implementation: SPORT and InShape PPW programs can be implemented by adults. Protocols allow both one-on-one (individual coaching) and group (classroom) implementation.  Adult implementers/instructors can include health, substance abuse, prevention or other professionals, as well as volunteer and lay personnel.

 Training with 1-year certification to implement these programs is available in an easy to use, self-paced e-learning Online PPW Program Implementer Training program.  Also offered are the Onsite Implementer and Trainer Workshops with 3-year certification.

2. Youth Leadership Implementation: SPORT and InShape PPW can also be provided by youth leaders to younger peers. The goal of the Youth Leadership Training in Prevention Plus Wellness is for youth to gain leadership and service skills as personal coaches and/or classroom teachers implementing evidence-based programs including SPORT and InShape PPW.

3. Online Implementation: More recently, SPORT and InShape PPW are being translated into easy to use e-learning programs for professionals and parents. These online programs are self-paced for youth, and are available anywhere and anytime.  For example, check out the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Online Program.


4 Other Opportunities

1. Program Tailoring: Prevention Plus Wellness permits pre-approved Tailoring Your Prevention Program content and illustrations to enhance program fit and effectiveness, while carefully maintaining the fidelity of the original program and its implementation. If program content and images are customized to the needs of the organization and participating population, they are likely to be better received and potentially more effective.

2. Site Licenses: If you’d like to implement your program across an entire region or state, check out the cost-saving Program Site Licenses. Site licenses permit school districts, colleges, and other organizations to cost-effectively reproduce the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program manual for youth, and the evidence-based InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program manual for college-aged young adults for a single low price.


3. Evidence-informed Programs: Prevention Plus Wellness also provides a variety of evidence-informed programs and tools. These are founded on the proven Prevention Plus Wellness Model and our evidence-based SPORT and InShape PW programs, including:

4. E-learning Programs: Prevention Plus Wellness also offers a variety of self-paced, easy to use online marijuana awareness programs. These essential e-learning and training tools are for youth, teachers, health specialists, parents, adults, employees and business managers who want to cut through the confusing and sometimes conflicting marijuana fact from fiction.

Learn how marijuana effects health, safety, productivity, and protect yourself and others from marijuana harm.  Become aware of quickly changing medical and recreational marijuana laws and use, and how they can affect your life.

E-learning programs include:

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