Success Stories

“The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program provides a whole body experience, where youth focus on improvements in their lives instead of drugs. Additionally, based on my observations a light bulb goes on when they connect the future self with the lifestyle they want to obtain of being healthy and happy.” 

Barry Schmidt, Neighborhood Resource Center, Bay City, MI 


“We have been very pleased with the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program…and we are excited for next year! I feel it is very important to reach this demographic of young adults and there are very few quality programs out there that address this age group.  

That is why we are so pleased with InShape Prevention Plus Wellness, along with the fact that your customer service and relationship with the providers are excellent. I never hear from any of the other vendors that we purchase curriculums from, but I regularly communicate with you and it makes everything much smoother. Thank you for that added personal service.” 

Kristinia Love, Morgan County Substance Abuse Council (MCSAC), Martinsville, IN


“CUSD staff and students completed the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program training on Wednesday this week.  All four of our high schools participated (1 teacher, and several students from each school).  Through this training, I learned even more about SPORT – the theoretical underpinnings the program was developed to address, it’s cohesiveness, and holistic approach to the integration of prevention with wellness. I came away from this training with a clear understanding of why SPORT is an Evidence-Based program – it just works!

“I am so very grateful that CUSD chose to include SPORT as the prevention program in our TUPE grant.  Students and staff are enthusiastic and eager to implement, and the beauty of a single lesson format ensures that for the first time in a very long time, fidelity will be a breeze.   

I just wanted to share my thoughts about Dr Werch’s program and his engaging training workshop.  I understand that, although students have been involved in the past with implementation of SPORT across the nation, CUSD students are the very first ones that have ever been included as participants in the implementation training.  Another great Youth Development activity!  If you have any questions or would like to hear more, please let me know.  Thank you!” 

Ann E Brodsky, Tobacco Use Prevention Education Coordinator, Chico Unified School District, Chico, CA


“The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program has had a very positive influence on the students in our program. They all set goals for themselves along with making sure they try to live a healthier life style with good nutrition and plenty of exercise.”

Earl Washington, OASAS Program Manager, Boys & Girls Harbor, New York, NY


 ”During the 2014-15 (school year) we piloted the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program with 30 students during one semester. The students were thoroughly engaged in each session asking questions and pledging to improve their physical lifestyle.  This year we are expanding the SPORT program to two semesters.” 

Lisa Coney, Saginaw Public School District, Safe Schools Healthy Students, Saginaw, MI


“We are pleased with InShape Prevention Plus Wellness.  Our young people love it.  Excellent EBP.”

Dr. Elliott Butler, Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA

“SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness went well this school year.  It was implemented to every 7th and 8th grade student in health classes.  The kids enjoy the program and it seems to really get them thinking of ways that they can avoid future maladaptive behaviors.” 

JoAnn Reed, MS, Director of Youth Advocacy, Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

“We have been implementing the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program now for two years and it is great!  Staff are finding that it is simple and easy to implement, and kids are responding with engagement.” 

Bhavana Pahwa, MA, LCSW-R, PhD, White Plains Youth Bureau, White Plains, NY

“ADAPP, a school based prevention program in New York, utilizes SPORT as part of the comprehensive services we offer in our schools.  Our school based prevention counselors use SPORT with 9th grade students as an introduction to the prevention counselor’s role in the school.  While SPORT is a universal program, it allows counselors to “pre-screen” and identify students who may require other services. One high school uses it as part of its 9th grade summer success program. The message SPORT delivers, that substance use interferes with achieving goals, compliments the academic goals of the program. SPORT is a cost effective, evidence based program that is easy to use and compliments our other services.  The ongoing support from the developer is a plus!”

Christine Cavallucci, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services, ADAPP, New York, NY

“We have run two cycles of the SPORT and Motivational Coaching Program as a combination.  The SPORT lesson is so well laid out and easy to implement that our staff are appreciative of all they can do for our kids in the limited time we have with them each night!  We plan to continue the program next year and are even considering expanding it to other Club sites once we have secured funding!”

Jessica Baxter, Director of Operations, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, Casper, WY

“At AYS, community health efforts are extremely important to us.  One of the community health programs we offer, which is called SPORT, is a brief intervention health and prevention program for adolescents to improve their physical fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, and help them avoid alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

The program is listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).  AYS piloted our SPORT program two years ago starting with Northwest Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas, and has achieved  fantastic results.

Thanks to a grant from the Unified Government/Hollywood Casino Charitable Fund, AYS is very excited to announce our SPORT expansion with the Wyandotte County Boys and Girls Club. In addition to the classes we still conduct at Northwest Middle School, we will be conducting classes at the Boys and Girls Club each week and will double the number of youth reached through the program.”

Debra Terrell McKenzie, Senior Vice President, Associated Youth Services (AYS), Kansas City, KS

“Materials are well organized, concise, and easy to follow with step-by-step instructions for implementers. Program materials are designed for implementation in a variety of settings (i.e., schools, communities, health centers, recreational centers) and include engaging handouts and other materials appropriate for younger and older adolescents. Program materials and additional resources can be found on the program Web site. Several levels of training are offered by the developer, and individual consultation is also available. For implementers interested in becoming certified, the developer offers trainings with a competency-based certification test. Fidelity is strengthened by implementation guidelines that are clear and succinct and include scripts for teachers and coaches. Feedback sheets for use after each coaching session, an outcome evaluation survey, and a follow-up phone call protocol for use when calling parents further support quality assurance.”

National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

“We did the (SPORT) program for 213 students in this past 6 month period, January – June, 2013. Some of them were done in after school programs, some in classrooms (PE class or another curriculum period) and some were done as part of a workshop series for 7th & 8th grades during a High School Mock DWI event. We will push it wherever we can.”

Julie Franco, CPP, Director of Program Services, CASAC, Jamestown, NY

“SPORT, InShape, and Motivational Coaching Program are great names in the sense that (they) promote a positive, active image for the programs. I love the multiple factors addressed and the positive, motivational approach. It also seems great for organizations requiring an evidence based, structured program with support materials. I also think it’s fantastic that you support organizations in applying for grants to fund the program.”

Jessica Stahl, DBH, Course Manager, Southern New Hampshire University

“These programs look fabulous! I like how there is a … booklet … this is great!”

Artemis Floros, Administrative Manager, United Way

“Our staff has found the design of the program (SPORT) easy to use and very entertaining for the six-grade students we have been working with in Kansas City, KS. As with the outcomes noted in the SAMHSA review of this evidence based model, we found that our students’ attitudes towards making healthy decisions about lifestyle choices increased after 12 weeks in the program. We found the largest increase in attitudes towards the avoidance of drinking alcohol and (smoking) cigarettes. Attitudes toward marijuana (avoidance) and eating healthy were the (next) areas of change. I recommend this program for anyone working with youth who wants to address multiple issues connected to choosing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!”

Debra McKenzie, Senior Vice President, Associated Youth Services, Kansas City, KS

“The nice thing about the SPORT program is that it touches on numerous topics. So for youth who have participated in many of our ATOD prevention work, SPORT brings a new approach to looking at substance use by incorporating overall wellness concepts. Especially for the youth who are actively involved in athletic activity, it aids in the discussion of how use can effect their athletic performance. Many prevention programs discuss the negativity of drug use, but this one reaches youth in a different way while also discussing topics of the benefits of sleep, breakfast, and the media.”

Kate Kinsley, MA, Prevention Specialist, Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems, Media, PA

“We are continuing to implement SPORT with success. Our contract will allow us to reach the targeted 150 youth from our three main sites. The program has been most successful when offered with our canoe paddling program and other league sport programs (flag football, biddy basketball).”

Keith Cruickshank, Regional Director, Boys & Girls Club, Hawaii, Kauai

“We continue to use SPORT regularly as part of our programs in high schools. We implement it usually with 9th grade students. Last summer, we used it in one of our Bronx high schools during their program for incoming freshman.”

Christine Cavallucci, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services, Archodicese of New York, Bronx, NY

“There are two things that I would like to note about the benefits of the SPORT program.

First, the program serves as a universal prevention approach to our youth. This meaning, that any youth can benefit from this program and it can be conducted in a wide variety of settings. We have been fortunate enough to implement the program in public, private, catholic, and charter schools as well as YMCA’s, youth centers, and youth prisons.

The second item I’d like to note is the parent involvement. Not only can SPORT been implemented with the youth but the availability of the parent component to extend the program at home is highly effective. The parent cards are sent out each week for 4 weeks and we seem to be getting great feedback through our parent follow up phone calls.”

Kate Kinsley, MA, Prevention Specialist, Holcomb Behavioral Health Services, Media, PA

“I applied (the) SPORT program (in Turkey). 3-month follow-up results…of adolescent life-style exercise, health responsibility, exercise, nutrition, sub-scale score averages have (all) risen significantly. There were (also) increase(s) in sleep duration and moderate intensity exercise day averages. (The) SPORT program was prepared very good.”

Nesrin, Iihan, School of Nursing, Halic University, Turkey

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