Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

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NEW: Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness programs now include optional step-by-step protocols to implement to youth online, revised program slides permitting increased program interaction, and an online goal plan/contract and pre-posttest survey to monitor and assess youth goal setting and program feedback and effectiveness.

Welcome to Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness!  Opioid PPW programs are quick and easy to use evidence-informed screening and brief interventions for professionals, peer leaders and others who want to prevent opioid use disorder (OUD) and other substance misuse and promote protective wellness lifestyles and identities among high risk populations.     

Opioid PPW programs recommend participants with opioid use disorder receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and recovery and provides critical anti-stigma messages and images related to OUD. 

They come in three versions customized to the needs of specific high risk populations, including: 1) men involved in the criminal justice system, veterans and blue collar workers; 2) pregnant and postpartum women; and 3) adolescents. 

Opioid PPW programs are adopted from the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness prevention program which has undergone rigorous research evaluating its effectiveness for preventing young adult substance abuse and increasing healthy habits.  It is listed as an evidence-based program on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development and other evidence-based registries.     

Opioid PPW interventions are the country’s only single-session prevention programs designed to increase wellness-enhancing behaviors among adults and adolescents at high risk for OUD including physical activity, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, and practicing stress control while avoiding opioid and other substance abuse.  They can be implemented in any setting where individuals at high risk for opioid abuse can be found. 

Opioid PPW programs are founded on a marketing-related model that targets naturally motivating positive peer and desired future images to increase multiple health behavior goal setting.  

Opioid PPW programs are highly flexible and can be used as a stand-alone strategy, or as an add-on component to other intervention, prevention or health programs.  They take less than 60 minutes to implement. 

The Opioid PPW programs are designed to help adults and adolescents look and feel more active, fit and healthy by having them:

  1. Identify wellness enhancing behaviors, along with opioid and other drug abuse habits that interfere with reaching wellness behavior goals and positive self-images;
  2. Become aware of positive images of adults or adolescents engaged in wellness promoting behaviors, and desired images of themselves in the future; and
  3. Make a commitment to set and monitor multiple goals to increase wellness promoting behaviors, while avoiding wellness harming opioid and other substance abuse.

Your Opioid PPW manual and program contain the following materials:   

  • Step-by-step implementation directions;
  • A self-administered wellness behavior screening survey;
  • Scripts for providing an individual one-on-one or optional group lesson that use positive image content linking wellness and opioid and other substance abuse;
  • Set of colorful slides with illustrations of adults or adolescents modeling wellness habits;
  • Goal plan and contract for motivating multiple behavior change;
  • Optional group exercise to increase classroom interaction during the group lesson;
  • Scannable screening survey addenda and feedback survey to evaluate program implementation fidelity and effectiveness;
  • Instructor’s survey to assess the quality of the lesson presentation;
  • Fidelity checklist to increase implementation reliability;
  • Wellness resources addressing increasing physical activity, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and avoiding opioid abuse;
  • Digital download of reproducible materials and customizable PowerPoint slides;
  • Phone and email program support; and
  • Separate onsite and online certified training workshops to learn to provide the Opioid PPW program, or train others to implement it, with fidelity and maximum effectiveness. 

We know you will find Opioid PPW an easy, enjoyable and effective way to promote fit, healthy and opioid abuse-free lifestyles among high risk adult and adolescent populations.       

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