Onsite Certified Program Implementers Workshop

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Onsite group training provides an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively implement Prevention Plus Wellness programs with fidelity for adults and youth leaders.  

A 5-hour onsite workshop at your location offers instruction, practice and feedback for implementers of Prevention Plus Wellness programs.  It includes a three-year certification.   

Training goals include: 

  1. Identify the contents in the Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program manual, including the optional parent-youth intervention (SPORT PPW)
  2. Review the group script for providing the PPW program screening survey, feedback and goal plan/contract to youth
  3. Determine how to provide the program slides to youth in person and online
  4. Review the individual/one-on-one script for providing the Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program screening survey, feedback and goal plan/contract to youth
  5. Describe the evaluation tools found in the PPW program manual and digital download and how to properly use them
  6. Identify resources for online presentation, tailoring, promoting, evaluating and providing follow up program lessons
  7. Practice scripts for implementing the PPW program

Cost per group: $1200 plus travel for trainer.  Program materials not included.

Call for more information: 904-472-5022.