Our Story & Mission

Our Story

You’ve heard Plato’s quote that “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  Well, that’s exactly how Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) was born.   

After years of developing substance abuse prevention programs, I was faced with the challenge of providing a prevention program for youth attending school sports physical exams.  This problem demanded the development of a practical prevention program that could be implemented within a very tight time frame, and one that was also salient and enjoyable in its targeting of how to achieve broader well-being and personal performance outcomes. 

The solution was a single-session screening and brief intervention that integrated the prevention of substance abuse with the promotion of overall fitness and health by cuing naturally motivating positive images and using multiple behavior goal setting to improve self-regulation skills.   Today Prevention Plus Wellness continues to provide the only evidence-based prevention programs and training in the country that address wellness with prevention in a fun, user-friendly single-session format.     

Please join us in our mission to protect and improve the whole health of youth and young adults across American and the world, through the use of powerful but practical substance use prevention programs designed to improve fitness and health.    

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Chudley Edward Werch, PhD, President & Founder 

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC


Our MIssion

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is an education small business whose purpose is to provide:

1) Nationally recognized quick and easy to use evidence-based substance use prevention programs and training workshops that promote physical activity, sports, health and performance among all youth and young adults in all settings; and

2) Marijuana awareness media campaigns and e-learning marijuana awareness training programs for health, substance abuse and educational organizations, businesses and communities.     

Our Vision

To protect youth and young adults from substance use harm while also improving their health and fitness habits, by enhancing their self-regulation skills to set and monitor multiple wellness goals, identifying future positive self-identities, and promoting achievement in athletics, academics, relationships and life.