Free Prevention Plus Wellness Webinars

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) provides free weekly one-hour webinars for prevention and health specialists and organizations addressing research and practice on integrated substance use prevention with wellness programs and training, evidence-based screening and brief interventions, and more.

Live PPW webinars come with a certificate for one-hour CEU credit and typically include a pdf of webinar slides and/or a link to the recorded webinar.

Below is a list of regularly offered PPW webinars.

  1. One-Session Alcohol, Vaping, Marijuana & Opioid Use Prevention: Intro to PPW Programs
  2. Online Strategies for Providing SU Prevention Plus Wellness Programs
  3. Prevention Plus Wellness Resources
  4. Integrating Wellness into Substance Use Disorder Prevention: Multi-Risk Behavior Interventions
  5. Implementing One-Session Prevention Plus Wellness Programs During a Pandemic
  6. Youth Leadership Training in Providing PPW Programs
  7. One-Session SPORT, InShape, Vaping, Marijuana & Opioid PPW Programs
  8. Substance Use PPW in Faith-Based Settings: Implementing In God’s Image Program
  9. Preventing Youth Substance Use by Promoting Anti-Racism: Implementing the Racial Justice PPW Program
  10. Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for Youth Goalsetting
  11. Addressing Wellness in Substance Use Prevention Promotes Youth Mental Health

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