Combined PPW Program & Online Training of Trainer Workshops

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The Combined PPW Program & Online Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshops includes a 2-hour Certified Program Implementer Training Workshop and after implementation a live 2-hour Certified TOT Workshop. 

The combined training and program option saves you $50/person!  

This workshop provides the latest in best practices to ensure you are implementing, and training others to implement your Prevention Plus Wellness program with fidelity and maximum effectiveness. 

Program manual with digital downloads and training materials included.

Choose the specific program and training combination desired.  

Online Training Workshop Requirements: 

  1. Have your program manual(s) in hand to practice.
  2. Pay for the training workshop in advance of the session.
  3. Use a device with either a wired internet connection or a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  4. Use a device with a built-in or add-on microphone so we can hear you speak.
  5. Use a device with a build-in or add-on camera so we can see you.
  6. It’s best to use a headset with mic to eliminate background noise in your setting.