Online PPW Program Downloads

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Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs include updated digital downloads allowing implementation not only face-to-face with youth and young adults, but also online and by telephone. 

Online and telephone distance-learning tools allow prevention and health providers and organizations to implement PPW programs during the coronavirus outbreak and other challenging situations where face-to-face implementation is not possible. 

The new program downloads include enhanced program PowerPoint slides that ensure greater program interaction important when implementing interventions online or by phone.  

Downloads also include step-by-step protocols for providing PPW programs live online and by telephone to young people both individually and in groups. 

Also included is access to an online program goal plan and contract, allowing providers to collect invaluable data on participating youth goal setting and program evaluation feedback. 

To help save you money, we are providing the updated Prevention Plus Wellness program digital downloads as a separate order for professionals who already own PPW programs.  

For those who have not purchased Prevention Plus Wellness programs, the updated digital downloads will be included with the purchase of your program manual. 

We are also currently offering free online training to providers who want to learn how to implement evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness programs by online and telephone distance-learning methods.  

In addition, we offer PPW programs on recorded video and correspondence booklets to help you reach youth and young adult populations without face-to-face contact.  

We hope these new offerings allow you to continue to provide the critical prevention programs, content and strategies needed for youth and young adults during our extraordinary times. 

Online Prevention Plus Wellness program digital downloads are $499 per organization.