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Youth Leadership PPW Program Implementer Training

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Online or onsite Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer Training for Youth Leaders provides adolescents and young adults with an opportunity to assume a responsible and active leadership role by providing an evidence-based or evidence-informed prevention program to their same or younger-aged peers in person or remotely online or by using social media. 

Training youth and young adults as prevention program implementers opens youth to experiencing additional benefits beyond receiving a prevention intervention themselves, including:   

  • Becoming a positive role model,
  • Experiencing providing meaningful service to others,
  • Learning professional responsibilities, and
  • Gaining personal and leadership knowledge, skills and self-confidence. 

This type of youth leadership experience offers young people a unique opportunity to learn and demonstrate prevention program and message development, tailoring, planning , implementation and evaluation skills and knowledge as trained prevention providers.  

That is why this strategy is ideal for all young people, including volunteer peer mentors, general youth populations, and high-risk groups of youth and young adults. 

Complex and multi-session evidence-based prevention programs are not feasible interventions for training in youth leadership and would likely not be successfully implemented.   

However, one-session evidence-based SPORT and InShape (alcohol and drug use) Prevention Plus Wellness programs for youth and young adults, as well as the single-session evidence-informed Vaping, Marijuana and Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness programs are ideally suited for youth leadership because of their ease and brevity of use.  

Online or onsite Youth Leadership Training Workshops in Prevention Plus Wellness is one hour in length and available in two formats for:

1. Prevention and health professionals to train their youth groups, or

2. Groups of up to 50 youth leaders and adult mentors.  

Youth Leadership Training focuses on developing youth knowledge, confidence and skills to present a specific PPW program's  PowerPoint slides to their same or younger aged peers in person, online or by social media. 

Training objectives include: 

  1. List three steps for providing Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) screening and brief interventions.
  2. Demonstrate how youth can implement a Prevention Plus Wellness program to their peers.
  3. Review strategies trained youth leaders can use to provide quality PPW programs to their peers.

Purchase includes slides for both training youth and for youth to provide a specific PPW program to their peers.