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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

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These booklets were created to provide prevention providers with the key program materials needed to easily implement the Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program lesson, as well as permit weekly follow-ups with participating youth to continue promoting their self-regulation skills and self-efficacy to set, monitor, and achieve multiple health behavior goals over time.  

This PPW Program Booklet includes the following materials:

  • One (1) Screening Survey (pages 3-4),
  • Six (6) Weekly Goal Plans (pages 5-16),
  • Six (6) Weekly Goal Plan Copies for Teachers (pages 17-28), and
  • Six (6) Calendar Logs (pages 29-34). 

These materials are compiled in a booklet to allow youth to complete their PPW Lesson Screening Survey and initial Goal Plan, and to make a cut-out copy of the Goal Plan if the teacher wishes to have a record of the youth’s Goal Plan for subsequent follow up.  

An additional five Goal Plans and Goal Plan Copies are included allowing teachers to follow up with youth on a weekly basis for up to six weeks if they wish.  In addition, each Goal Plan is accompanied by a weekly cut-out Calendar Log in which youth can document the achievement of their daily goals. 

We recommend providing each youth with a booklet so they can take it home to track their daily goal successes by cutting out and posting the Calendar Log and bringing the booklet back to class to complete subsequent Goal Plans each follow up week.  

Teachers can also request youth to complete weekly Goal Plan Copies and hand them in to track youth goal setting over time.  Teachers can give youth extra credit or small rewards for returning weekly Goal Plans to encourage goal setting as a positive habit. 

Cost: $149 for set of 35 booklets

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