SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness: Booklet Program

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Welcome to the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program in booklet format.  SPORT PPW is a quick and easy to use prevention with wellness intervention for professionals, peer leaders and parents who want to promote active, healthy and substance-abuse free lifestyles among youth.  

The new SPORT PPW Program Booklet can be provided to youth in nearly any setting and situation, including those where showing the original program’s PowerPoint slides might be a challenge like in youth sports and recreation leagues and physical education.

The new program booklet also makes it easier for peers and youth leaders to be trained to provide SPORT PPW to other youth as a unique youth leadership training experience in evidence-based prevention and wellness.       

SPORT PPW was developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and is listed as an evidence-based program on the federal government’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) and other evidence-based data  bases.  

SPORT PPW is the country’s only single-session program designed to increase wellness-enhancing behaviors including physical activity, sports participation, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, and practicing stress control while avoiding alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, prescription drug misuse, marijuana and illicit drug use.  

SPORT PPW targets naturally motivating positive images to increase personal goal setting to improve multiple wellness habits and positive self-identity.  SPORT PPW is highly flexible and can be used as a stand-alone program, or as an add-on component to other prevention, health, sports, fitness, recreation, education or intervention programs.     

The SPORT PPW program was designed to help youth look and feel more active, fit and healthy by having them:

  1. Identify wellness enhancing behaviors, along with drug use habits that interfere with reaching wellness behavior goals and positive self-images;
  2. Become aware of positive images of youth engaged in wellness promoting behaviors, and desired images of themselves in the future; and
  3. Make a commitment to set and monitor multiple goals to increase wellness promoting behaviors, while avoiding wellness harming substance use. 

The booklet version of the SPORT PPW program consists of a scripted Instructor’s Manual and a Youth Booklet, and includes:   

  • A self-administered youth health and fitness behavior screen;
  • Positive image content linking wellness and substance use behaviors;
  • Illustrations modeling youth wellness habits;
  • A goal plan and contact for motivating multiple behavior change;
  • Evaluation materials for assessing program implementation fidelity and effectiveness;
  • Wellness resources addressing increasing physical activity, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and avoiding alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use; and
  • Onsite or online training is offered separately to learn to understand and provide the booklet formatted SPORT PPW with fidelity and maximum effectiveness. 

SPORT PPW takes less than 50 minutes to implement.  It is available in three versions for: 1) Older high school adolescents ages 14-18, 2) Young middle school adolescents ages 10-14, and 3) Children in upper elementary school grades 4 and 5 ages 8-10.  

Thank you for choosing SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness.  We know you will find SPORT PPW an easy, enjoyable and effective way to promote health, fitness and substance use avoidance among your youth.    

Price: $350 includes 50 Youth Booklets ($7/booklet) and 1 Booklet Instructor's Manual.  Select program version.

Combined SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer Online Training with Program Booklets: here