Adolescents Receiving SPORT PPW Program Set Healthy Behavior Goals

Adolescents Receiving SPORT PPW Program Set Healthy Behavior Goals

A group of 29 adolescents who recently participated in the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program in White Plains, NY completed anonymous online multiple behavior goal contracts as part of the intervention. 

The results of the goal plans are highlighted below.


Female: 62%

Age: 12 years old or younger: 52%

        13 years old: 24%

        14 years old: 17% 

Avoiding Substance Use:

  • 93%: Pledged to avoid using alcohol and drugs during the next 7 days

Which healthy habit will you improve in the next 7 days?

  • 38%: Get 8 or more hours sleep each night
  • 31%: Participate in some fun physical activity or sports at least 30 minutes 4-5 days per week
  • 21%: Eat a healthy breakfast every day or eat a daily variety of other healthy foods
  • 10%: Practice a stress control technique most days a week

Examples of Measurable Goals Set Including Quantity & Frequency:

  • Play basketball, 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week
  • Long walks, 1 hour in the morning, 4 days/week Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Wednesday
  • Do yoga, 25 minutes/day, Tuesday-Thursday
  • Play outside, 30-45 minutes, Monday-Friday
  • Get 9 hours of sleep & eat 5 vegetables every day
  • Eat 5 fruits & vegetables each day
  • Get 8 or more hours sleep, I will go to bed earlier, everyday

Who will co-sign the goal plan to make it an official contract?

  • 66%: Mom or dad
  • 17%: Trusted and supportive friend

Where will you post your goal plan/contract to see it every day?

  • 63%: Bedroom wall or mirror
  • 22%: Other

How would you rate the goal contract? (1-5 stars)

  • 67%: 5 stars
  • 20%: 4 stars
  • 4: average rating


Nearly all adolescents participating in the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program pledged to avoid alcohol and drugs in the next week (93%) and they set healthy behavior goals to increase their sleep (38%), physical activity (31%) or healthy eating (21%) behaviors.

Most youth identified their mom or dad (66%) as those who would co-sign their goal contracts and the majority planned to post the goals on their bedroom wall or mirror (63%). 

The majority of adolescents rated the goal setting/contract highly with 5 out of 5 stars (67%) and a mean rating of 4.4 stars.

While some of the goals set by youth were clear and measurable, others were not.  Goal setting directions may need to be added or revised to help youth set concrete, measurable and attainable goals to improve their wellness behaviors.

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