PPW Program Resources

Here are some great resources to share with your colleagues, leadership and community members to increase awareness of and excitement about Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs throughout your organization, region or state.   

You'll also find resources below to help you provide your PPW programs with greater success.

If you need help informing others about Prevention Plus Wellness programs for youth and parents, media campaigns or training, just let us know. 

We are happy to provide you with a free PPW Program Flyer describing the benefits of any of our programs.   

Request your free program flyer at: info@preventionpluswellness.com, (904) 472-5022 

PPW Programs Fact Sheet


PPW Programs Brochure


PPW Programs Video: 


Sample PPW Program Parent Letter


PPW Program Decision-Maker Survey

The PPW Program Decision-Maker Survey can be sent or presented to schools and other youth serving organization leaders to gain support for providing PPW prevention services by having them identify desirable youth health behavior goals and program implementation options.    

PPW Program Menu Survey 

3-Step PPW Model

The Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Model allows prevention and health professionals, teachers, coaches and parents help youth and young adults avoid alcohol and drug use while increasing their protective healthy behaviors, including physical activity, healthy breakfast and nutrition, sleep and stress control.


Participating Youth Certificates