• One Session Substance Use Prevention Programs Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors

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Practical, Effective Whole-Health

Single-session evidence-based motivational interventions & media campaigns

Promote physical activity & sports, nutrition, sleep, stress control & more

Choose from alcohol, marijuana, opioid & e-cigarette use prevention

Includes online pretest & posttest surveys

For children, adolescents, young adults & parents

Used in all 50 US states & abroad

PPW Programs are Cost-Effective

Certified Effective by the Following Organizations:

Search for SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Listed on Pew's Results First Clearinghouse Database as Highest Rated

“The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program provides a
whole-body experience, where
youth focus on improvements
in their lives instead of
drugs… a light bulb goes on
when they connect the future
self with the lifestyle they
want to obtain of being
healthy and happy.”

Barry Schmidt, NeighborhoodResource Center, Bay City, MI

“I am amazed at the response
and success our SPORT PPW
administrators, counselors,
parents and youth are having
in the schools. We are excited
about the implementation of
the SPORT PPW program in
our agency.”

Gary Coney, Drug Abuse Treatment Association, Mangonia Park, FL

“We have been very pleased with
the InShape Prevention Plus
Wellness program! I feel it is very
important to reach this
demographic of young adults and
there are very few quality
programs out there that address
this age group.

Kristina Love, Morgan County Substance Abuse Council (MCSAC),Martinsville, IN

" We are pleased with InShape Prevention Plus Wellness. Our young people love it. Excellent evidence-based program!"

Dr. Elliott Butler, Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA

"What I like best about the (Prevention Plus Wellness) program(s) is that they are user-friendly and relevant to health, and the focus is on the fundamental aspect of an individual.  To include diet, sleep, exercise, and danger of substance use.  I also like the duration of implementation fits well with a school setting."

Debera Ayers, Morehouse School of Medicine HPRC, Atlanta, GA

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