One session evidence-based substance use prevention programs promoting protective wellness behaviors.

Single Session Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

  • The opposite of substance use isn't non-use, it's wellness!

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Choose from programs that prevent alcohol, e-cigarette, marijuana or opioid use.

PPW programs exist for all developmental stages of youth from elementary school, middle school and high school-aged youth to young adults.

PPW programs promote youth whole health.

By avoiding substance use and increasing protective wellness behaviors including physical activity, healthy eating, sleep, stress control and more.

2-hour Online Program Training Workshops

PPW Programs Use a 3-Step Evidence-Based Screening and Brief Intervention Practice

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Built-in Pre and Posttest Surveys

Youth surveys in scannable and online versions allow teachers to gain critical insights for promoting and improving their PPW programs.

Your purchase helps kids in need.

We give 10% of our net earnings each quarter to top rated charities like Feed the Children that address the basic needs of vulnerable children and families.

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Prevention & Health Providers Succeed with PPW Programs & Training

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New: Racial Justice Prevention Plus Wellness

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