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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

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Welcome to In God's Image!  In God’s Image (IGI) Prevention Plus Wellness is a fully scripted faith-based substance use prevention program designed to give teachers, youth leaders, mentors and parents a practical and easy to use tool to promote spiritually, mentally and physically healthy adolescents.     

IGI is the only single-session faith-based prevention and health program based on a proven model that targets naturally motivating desired future images of youth designed to enhance multiple healthy lifestyle behaviors, positive self-identity, and goal setting skills leading to greater self-regulation skills and self-efficacy. 

Young people need to develop a pattern of habits and attitudes that takes them out of current culture and an over-emphasis on materialism and substance use and gives them a spiritual foundation, but also develops their whole-health and self-identity.    

The downloadable In God’s Image program comes with:  

  • A brief self-administered Screening Survey to increase youth awareness of their current spiritual and health habits;
  • A script for presenting a lesson emphasizing positive image content showing how substance use harms achieving beneficial spiritual and health-enhancing behaviors and desired future identities; 
  • Colorful slides highlighting vivid positive image content and illustrations of youth modeling spiritual and health-promoting behaviors; and 
  • A Goal Plan & Contract for initiating behavior change to both avoid substance use and increase spiritual and healthy behaviors leading to increased self-control skills

In God’s Image is designed to increase spiritual health promoting behaviors among youth, including taking time to pray, study scripture or meditate, practice key virtues like showing gratitude for what you’ve received from God and others, attend religious services, and reach out to help others in need. 

It also aims to increase healthy lifestyle habits, including physical activity, healthy eating and getting adequate sleep which can support spiritual and mental development. 

In addition, IGI targets the critical necessity to avoid using harmful substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, prescription drugs, marijuana and other illicit drug use, which can interfere with achieving goals for a spiritually, mentally and physically healthier lifestyle.         

In God’s Image takes about 50 minutes to implement.  It can be provided as either a stand-alone program or used in conjunction with other religious, education, health or youth programs and activities in faith-based settings and at home.    

In God’s Image was created to help young people grow in grace and power to do the sometimes challenging things in life.  Those things which will result in developing into our best possible selves as God planned for us.  

We are confident you will find this one-of-a-kind program an easy, fun and effective strategy for preventing youth substance use and increasing protective spiritual and other healthy lifestyle behaviors.      

Price: $19.99 per teacher.  

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